Thursday, 20 July 2017

It's a Matte Revolution: Pillow Talk Lips | Charlotte Tilbury Swatches & Review

By now I'd be shocked if you haven't heard the words pillow talk in the blogosphere, no I'm not referring to Zayn from 1D but rather the creation from another influencer who inspires fashion and beauty products to be gender-fluid, that is Charlotte Tilbury. The creator of one of my favourite beauty brands on the market (why have just one?). Recently, Tilbury released her Unisex Healthy Glow- a tinted moisturiser marketed to suit both sexes- as she states 'the glow you get from sex, love, and romance knows no gender'. I feel that statement alone deserves praise and it's a great move in the world of luxury branding and make-up. Anyways, I'm rambling. Especially since today's blog post isn't even about the moisturiser, it's about pillow talk... you see the link right?

Out of all the shades released in the Matte Revolution range, Pillow Talk spread like wildflower across the internet as being the perfect stay all day, everyday shade for any age- the do it all lipstick. The hype was so real and led me to make a split decison to purchase over any other of the shades. It's popularity began with the lip pencil, which became noticed for it's 'your lips but better' shade of rosy pink/nude that could be used to cover your natural lip shape, cheating your way to fuller lips. I can gladly confirm that this is the best natural 'pinky-nude' colour I've ever tried, as it's just the perfect amount of pink to look natural. I don't tend to really over line my lips Kylie style, but I do love a strong line to define my lips and use as a base under lipstick. This liner is perfect for both though, so if you're looking for a liner for uneven lips or to create the look of bigger lips I highly recommend this one to you! Most importantly it's smooth and just the right amount of creamy so application is a dream.

The lipstick itself is exactly the same shade as the pencil, which I think is really nice because if your lipstick does come off throughout the day, it's not going to be noticable because you have the same colour underneath. It also shares the perfect texture, creamy to apply but then drys matte quickly. What I'm really impressed with is I don't find this drying at all when my lips are in good condition, but if I already have very dry lips then no matte lipstick is a good idea! Matte lipsticks have taken over the beauty game lately for their long-lasting quality so how does this compare to the likes of Kat Von D (everlasting lipsticks are amazing!) or other drugstore versions? I find this to be far better in every way than drugstore options, the gorgeous packaging also makes the price feel more deserving. I haven't tried the Kylie Jenner Matte Lipsticks but Kat Von D's are another great option however, I like the application of Charlotte Tilbury's better because of the shape of the bullet. It has sharp, angular lines on the tip so you can get a clean shape around the lips easier. If you're a longwear make-up girl then this could quickly become your go-to, everday lip combination that's comfortable on the lips. I'm very eager to try out some other nude shades from the matte revolution range after adding this on to my collection!

So, if you already have the lip liner, do you need the lipstick aswell? The answer really depends on whether you want that exact colour in a lipstick because if you are just wanting to use it as a natural looking lip liner, you could apply any nice lipstick over the top of litreally. However, I think you'd really benefit from having this lipstick if you're a lover of a matte lip or have been searching for a colour like this, because this formula is up there with the best of them! I'd love to know if you own this lipstick or lip cheat in any other colours? If so, which ones and what do you recommend from CT? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Oh my god! Those products have been on my wishlist for sooo long. Thank you for the review! It sounds like you were right to by them xx


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