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Personal Goal's For 2017 | New Year's Resolutions For A Better Life

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S Lewis

Today I'm talking New Year's Resolutions! Very specifically, my own personal goals for 2017... I'm already a very lucky/ happy person, with that said I think its really healthy to set some things to work on each year to improve your life. I'll be following my How To Get Your Goals In Check to try and achieve these and you can also read about my Blogging Goals for 2017 if you'd like. Let's hope this time next year I can say I've achieved my goals!

Be Kinder To Myself
Starting with an easy one but an important one. We're all so hard on ourselves nowadays, it's hard not to be when we see everyone else's 'perfect' looking lives on social media, we always want to change something about ourselves. The thing is it doesn't matter how many things you change, there will always be another trend and you will never feel good enough if you're always comparing yourself to something that isn't actually real. I love the saying 'you will never look like the models, even the models don't look like the models' but it's pretty damn true. We can all look our best with contoured bodies and brilliant lighting but thats not every day life! I feel like when I entered my 20's I did some serious growing up about accepting myself, and although yes there are things I know I need to work on and yes, I'd like to be a bit more toned... I just want to be kinder to myself whilst I'm working on things and know that what ever state I'm in, I am alive and well and that's a good enough reason to be happy every day. 

Keep Pushing That Confidence
Confidence is a funny old thing, I feel like I have so much to say it definitely does not belong in this post but I am sure I will write one soon. Confidence hasn't aways come easy to me but I'm happy to say for a few years now I've really made an effort to not care what people think and be happy with who I am. This year I really just need to keep pushing with this and continue to have faith in myself.

Make More Time For The Things I Love
I can't remember the last time I went to a dance class and realising this makes me miss it so bad. I used to dance every single day growing up, a different style each day and beside my fitness being amazing, I loved the social side of it and how it made me feel. Once you get older and the repetitive life of work consumes you, you almost go into autopilot of your own life, just getting be day by day. This is the kind of life I always dreaded growing up... yes, it is just as boring as I'd ever imagined. But it's also my fault for falling into it because no one else stopped me going or stopped my from picking a book up to read every night before bed, it was all me. In 2017 I'm going to buy a brand new book (please leave any recommendations in comments), start a weekly dance fitness class, put more time into blogging because I love it and try to learn more about photography because if we can't make time for the things and people we love, we will most likely end up with a lot of regrets instead of a lot of happy memories.

Stop Procrastinating
If getting a degree in procrastination was what I was trying to achieve in 2016, then by god I nailed it! I don't know why I think that it's remotely a good idea to leave things until I can be bothered because I never bloody can... I think habit has a lot to do with this and my mind and body enjoys taking the easy route but in the long run I'm not doing myself any favours. This year I plan to just simply force myself to do things and hopefully in a few months I won't find it as challenging. 

Work On Making My Lifestyle Healthier
Overall I think I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, that's not to say I don't have any bad habits because I do.... hello thai sweet chilli sensations, but I do try. Really I'd just like to up the amount of fruit in my diet and lessen the amount of crisps which is verging on obsessive. I've also set myself the goal to drink lots of water everyday because the benefits are endless as well as, stay off my phone once I get into bed. I can't be surprised I can't fall asleep when I've been staring at a phone for hours. Apart from this it's the normal get fit new year goals... like erm actually get my butt up to workout.

Force Myself To Adult
A few things I need to do and not do to achieve this:
✔ Try to stay tidy by keeping on top of house chores, such as washing.
✔ Accept the floordrobe is no more. I have a wardrobe that is much more beneficial.
✔ Stop forgetting passwords to important accounts.
✖  Don't ruin any more iPhones by dropping in the toilet or on ground. 
✖  Don't lock my self out of any more flats. I can't afford another maintenance call out fee.
✖  Don't get so white girl wasted that you loose your boyfriends car keys. (still don't want to take full responsibility for that one)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my ramblings! I wish you all the best for 2017! Do you have and New Year's resolutions for this year?

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