Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New Bedroom Décor Planning: Moodboard/ Inspiration

Lately, instead of racing to complete work for my uni deadlines I've found myself somewhat distracted *obsessed* with planning and designing my new bedroom... endlessing scrolling through Pinterest. Since moving back into my parents house after my work placement year I'm keen to settle back into a regular routine, but before I can fully relax my bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover and say goodbye to the awful, unorganised room that I designed back in my early teens! Since then I've developed a huge interest and love for interiors so It's exciting for me to let loose on a room and see what I can achieve on a budget. The budget part being very important... It would be quite silly for me to spend an awful lot of money on this room as it is likely (fingers crossed) I will be moving into my own place in the next few years.

So, with a fresh coat of bright white paint on the walls, the room instanly looks bigger and I'm ready to re-decorate! To stop myself from going silly and just buying anything and everything I've made my  moodboard to decide what kind of colour scheme I want and some inspiration of how I can achieve the fresh, bright look I desire- with lots of silver accents. Disclaimer: I'm just not that into colour.  I am going to try an inject some soft colour with perhaps a duck egg blue because different shades of grey don't really count. Because this bedroom will most likely stay the same after I move out I want to leave my parents with a mature and timeless look therefore, I'm staying away from the current trends of marble, copper and rose gold which at first I found hard to get out of my head, but now feels refreshing.

The first thing I need to do is order a new bed frame, and on a budget this could be challenging... I've accepted that I'm not going to be able to get a grand headboard, but I want to find a happy medium fabric frame instead of a metal frame to create a softer feel. The ultimate goal is to have a bed that feels like a hotel bed when you get into it at night!

I guess the next step is to search out the pieces I need and find the best deals. I've been loving H&M's homeware lately, as well as The Range and IKEA but if you can think of any great places for homeware please let me know below!  I'm planning on doing a very fast extreme makeover style day to get the room done in one day so preperation is key to ensure I can actually pull it off. Keep an eye out for my Room Renovation post where I'll share everything I bought and the finished room!

What do you think of my plans for my new bedroom?

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