Friday, 6 January 2017

My Blogging Goals For 2017

In mid 2016 Debeau was born and in all honesty, I think it's taken me until the very end of the year to feel like I'm really getting the hang of it and the consistency it requires. There's just so much to learn and trying to teach yourself is a very time consuming thing, luckily I'm so interested in learning these things it does not feel boring or tedious. The blogging world is so saturated now it can be very hard to get noticed but the truth is, I'm not doing this for anybody else but me and hope this feeling of freedom on my blog never disappears like popular bloggers experience. This year I intend to put a whole load of effort and time into my blog to see where it can take me, here are my blogging goals for the new year...

There's no wrong or right
Lifestyle blogging has become so samey over the past few years, I feel like I have literally watched it turn from amateur ramblings to glossy editorial styled publications, which seriously isn't a bad thing. Every industry needs progression and I love how blogging is a serious profession now, which means their platforms need to be professional, it's just now it feels like theres a much bigger expectations. For example, when I first started the thought of anyone stumbling across my blog before the layout was what I deemed 'good enough' was so embarrasing and I kept waiting and waiting for it to be good enough but that day didn't come until I made a conscious decision to accept that unless I pay a lot for a website design I am never going to have a blog like the professionals. Now I think its really important for new bloggers to remember there isn't a blogging bible that says things like its illegal to not use a marble background for flatlays (although it does look really pretty) and I really want get creative with my content and find my own style. Also there's also no rule about how long a blog post should be, I just write what feels natural. Essentially I want to remember to go at my own pace and not compare my blog to others because you can't compare your beginning to someone else's middle!

Get that camera, girl
This year I can't wait to focus more on improving my photography skills. I'm planning on contacting a local photographer/ friend to give a little lesson, after reading as much as I can online. I hope to eventually be able to buy DSLR camera but I know this isn't necessary and I'm quite happy with my Sony a5000 at the moment. Having better photo quality will be so beneficial for my blog and Instagram to increase my following.

Did someone say community spirit?
One thing I know I haven't done as much as I should of in my first year of blogging is getting involved in the blogging community. I spend so much time on my phone just scrolling, I know I could be using this time on my phone more usefully so in 2017 I really want to be more ineractive with blogging community and make friends with those I have things in common with. 

That layout though
You know when you have a perfect image in your head but you don't know how to make it reality? Well that is me with my website... I know how I want it to work and look but I'm no graphic or website designer so I hope in 2017 I find a way to perfect and professionalise my layout.

Be a do-er not just a dreamer
I've always been a massive dreamer, I love to think that anything is possible and there are no limits but I haven't always been a great do-er. I tend to go through stages of being really productive and motivated then its just drops off and I struggle to get going and I think this has shown in the consistency of my blog. I'm currently working on creating a posting schedule so I can keep up with my ideas and aspirations and find a routine that works for me! I know if I can do this I will create a much better life habit to get things done.

Have you got any blogging goals for the new year?

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