Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New Bedroom Décor Planning: Moodboard/ Inspiration

Lately, instead of racing to complete work for my uni deadlines I've found myself somewhat distracted *obsessed* with planning and designing my new bedroom... endlessing scrolling through Pinterest. Since moving back into my parents house after my work placement year I'm keen to settle back into a regular routine, but before I can fully relax my bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover and say goodbye to the awful, unorganised room that I designed back in my early teens! Since then I've developed a huge interest and love for interiors so It's exciting for me to let loose on a room and see what I can achieve on a budget. The budget part being very important... It would be quite silly for me to spend an awful lot of money on this room as it is likely (fingers crossed) I will be moving into my own place in the next few years.

So, with a fresh coat of bright white paint on the walls, the room instanly looks bigger and I'm ready to re-decorate! To stop myself from going silly and just buying anything and everything I've made my  moodboard to decide what kind of colour scheme I want and some inspiration of how I can achieve the fresh, bright look I desire- with lots of silver accents. Disclaimer: I'm just not that into colour.  I am going to try an inject some soft colour with perhaps a duck egg blue because different shades of grey don't really count. Because this bedroom will most likely stay the same after I move out I want to leave my parents with a mature and timeless look therefore, I'm staying away from the current trends of marble, copper and rose gold which at first I found hard to get out of my head, but now feels refreshing.

The first thing I need to do is order a new bed frame, and on a budget this could be challenging... I've accepted that I'm not going to be able to get a grand headboard, but I want to find a happy medium fabric frame instead of a metal frame to create a softer feel. The ultimate goal is to have a bed that feels like a hotel bed when you get into it at night!

I guess the next step is to search out the pieces I need and find the best deals. I've been loving H&M's homeware lately, as well as The Range and IKEA but if you can think of any great places for homeware please let me know below!  I'm planning on doing a very fast extreme makeover style day to get the room done in one day so preperation is key to ensure I can actually pull it off. Keep an eye out for my Room Renovation post where I'll share everything I bought and the finished room!

What do you think of my plans for my new bedroom?

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Beauty Brands I Want To Try More From In 2017

In the past few years, new beauty brands have quickly expanded and thanks to social media and worldwide shipping we can basically get our hands on anything we want if we try hard enough. I love the fact that we can now buy all those products I hear about by American and Australian influencers, even if my back account doesn't! In 2016 I tried quite a few new products from brands like Morpher, TooFaced and Anastasia Beverly Hills that weren't always easy to get in the UK and it has me very eager to try lots more in 2017.

Tarte Cosmetics
I've yet to try anything from Tarte but I'm very excited to, I've specifically had my eye on their Tartlette In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette because those colours are just so natural and gorgeous, not to mention the lovely unique packaging! Another product every blogger has been raving about is the Shape Tape Concealer so I'd like to see if this live up to expectations. The Tarte website now ships to the UK making it much easier to buy so maybe I'll treat myself next month.

TooFaced Cosmetics
When I first heard about TooFaced products I didn't think it would be a brand I would be interested in because in all honestly some of their novelty packaging doesn't appeal to me and some of their products still don't but I've seen nothing but great reviews about their products so I think their worth a go, especially the Born This Way Foundation! Also, I received a Christmas gift set of 3 of their Melted Liquified Lipsticks which I have fallen in love with! The formula is perfection and the colour range is amazing so I am looking forward to adding more shades to my collection this year.

Mac Cosmetics
Mac is a one you probably weren't expecting but because it's always been there I've kind of forgotten about while been busy trying all these other brands! Back in the day Mac was makeup goals.. so much so that every 15 years old at my school somehow wore heavy coverage mac foundations, such as Studio Fix when we didn't need it at all! Mac Lipsticks were seen as the ultimate collector's item aha! Lately, I've been thinking there are some Mac products that I always wanted to try but for some reason never did, like the Pro Longwear Concealer and Fix+. I also would like to get more of their lipsticks because they truly are amazing quality for the price! Speaking of lipsticks, I really wish I'd got my hands on Mariah Carey collection ones, they had the most beautiful packaging.

MakeUp Geek 
I was also lucky enough to get some single eyeshadow pans from MakeUp Geek to put into a Z Palette which I'm really impressed with. The pigmentation is really good and they're so easy to blend, so I am looking forward to gradually filling this palette with great everyday colours to make a perfect travel palette!

Kat Von D
The Everlasting Lipstick in Lolita has been my holy grail lip product since I got it, it stays in my handbag as it's just that perfect shade of nude and a formula I know I can trust so it's obvious I would love to try more shades of this product! Other Kat Von D products I'm most interested in are the Lock It Liquid Foundation as it's supposed to give flawless coverage and the Tattoo Liner. Although I've stopped wearing a wing liner on ordinary days, it is a step I can't miss for going out make-up!

What brands are you most excited to try this year?


Monday, 9 January 2017

The Hydration Hereos | New Year Skincare Saviours!

Through the Christmas and New Year period my skin most definitely gets the short straw as late nights, more alcohol and lots more chocolate take over! I always have the best intentions to take off my make-up every night properly and do my night time skincare regime, but I would be lying if I said I didn't slip up every now and gain... especially around this time of year. This has left me starting the new year reaching for some serious hydrating products that I have fallen in love with! I usually don't use many products focused on hydration apart from my moisturiser, as I normally focus on pore cleansing for spot/ blackhead control however, since finding the Una Brennan Rose Hydrate collection I am obsessed.

Save your neglected and dehydrated skin with these affordable skin treats...

Unna Brennan Rose Collection
While scouring the skincare section of Boots I noticed Unna Brennan's little shelf and instantly recognised from an expert facial I had a while ago. Well if it's good enough for my favourite facialist then it's good enough for me! Bonus, it was on offer. I picked up the Super Facialist Rose Calming Creamy Cleanser and Rose Peaceful Skin Night Cream, which I also use as my day cream. The cleanser is exactly what its says in the name, calming and creamy. Using these together leaves my skin feeling really healthy, soft and hydrated after washing off with warm water, as well as keeping my redness to a minimum. I really want to try every product in the collections now, especially the Intense Moisture Mask! The Super Facialist products are designed to give yourself that spa facial experience at home and Una Brennan has so many different ranges to target different problem areas such as Anti- Blemish, Firming, Brighten, Rejuvenate and Anti-Ageing so I highly recommend checking her products out!

Clarins HydraQuench Mask
This has been the best overnight treatment I have ever used to date! The Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask gives amazing intense hydration to my tired dull skin, giving it extra moisture that my night cream would not. It is a lovely cream non-drying consistency instead of a traditional drying mask which leaves your skin feeling replenished in the morning. I'd love to try other products from this range but they are quite pricey so I would probably test out the Una Brennan products first.

Boots Ingredients Sheet Mask
I was pleasantly surprised that such an affordable sheet mask could be so successful! Being that I'd never actually tried a sheet mask before, I didn't want to splurge on something I wasn't sure was going to work for me so I opted for the Boots own brand Ingredients Super Hyaluronic Moisturising & Nourishing Sheet Face Mask. I like to put this on in the evening while I'm watching the TV or soaking in the bath tub to relax, as afterwards it leaves a moisturising residue which wouldn't be great to apply makeup over.  The ingredients range is 2 for £3 at the moment so next time I'm in Boots I'm going to pick up their Cleansing & Purifying Mask and Luminous Youth Mask.

Aromatherapy Nourishing Face Oil
I've always been a bit afraid of facial oil for the fear of causing spots until I learnt to just mix in a bit with my moisturiser. I'm currently using a little sample jar from Aromatherapy of their Nourishing Facial Oil which is lasting a very long time. The full-size product is in no way cheap but there are so many facial oils out there, I have no doubt I will probably purchase some cheaper ones next. At the moment I don't feel I have anything to compare this too but I do suggest adding a face oil into your skincare regime when you are feeling dry to see quick results!

Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser
This is a product that I will rave about to everyone that isn't into the whole body butter/ lotion thing which I think is the whole of the UK because it's so bloody cold, as soon as you're out the shower you need to jump into your PJ's, dressing gown and slippers straight away. The In Shower Moisturiser by  Nivea was revolutionary for me as it meant I could finally have it all... super soft skin, save on time and energy and stay warm while I do it. Win! Honestly, no shower is complete without this product and its so affordable. It does leave a slight residue on your skin but in no ways feels sticky or uncomfortable to put your skinny jeans straight on after drying! 


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Personal Goal's For 2017 | New Year's Resolutions For A Better Life

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S Lewis

Today I'm talking New Year's Resolutions! Very specifically, my own personal goals for 2017... I'm already a very lucky/ happy person, with that said I think its really healthy to set some things to work on each year to improve your life. I'll be following my How To Get Your Goals In Check to try and achieve these and you can also read about my Blogging Goals for 2017 if you'd like. Let's hope this time next year I can say I've achieved my goals!

Be Kinder To Myself
Starting with an easy one but an important one. We're all so hard on ourselves nowadays, it's hard not to be when we see everyone else's 'perfect' looking lives on social media, we always want to change something about ourselves. The thing is it doesn't matter how many things you change, there will always be another trend and you will never feel good enough if you're always comparing yourself to something that isn't actually real. I love the saying 'you will never look like the models, even the models don't look like the models' but it's pretty damn true. We can all look our best with contoured bodies and brilliant lighting but thats not every day life! I feel like when I entered my 20's I did some serious growing up about accepting myself, and although yes there are things I know I need to work on and yes, I'd like to be a bit more toned... I just want to be kinder to myself whilst I'm working on things and know that what ever state I'm in, I am alive and well and that's a good enough reason to be happy every day. 

Keep Pushing That Confidence
Confidence is a funny old thing, I feel like I have so much to say it definitely does not belong in this post but I am sure I will write one soon. Confidence hasn't aways come easy to me but I'm happy to say for a few years now I've really made an effort to not care what people think and be happy with who I am. This year I really just need to keep pushing with this and continue to have faith in myself.

Make More Time For The Things I Love
I can't remember the last time I went to a dance class and realising this makes me miss it so bad. I used to dance every single day growing up, a different style each day and beside my fitness being amazing, I loved the social side of it and how it made me feel. Once you get older and the repetitive life of work consumes you, you almost go into autopilot of your own life, just getting be day by day. This is the kind of life I always dreaded growing up... yes, it is just as boring as I'd ever imagined. But it's also my fault for falling into it because no one else stopped me going or stopped my from picking a book up to read every night before bed, it was all me. In 2017 I'm going to buy a brand new book (please leave any recommendations in comments), start a weekly dance fitness class, put more time into blogging because I love it and try to learn more about photography because if we can't make time for the things and people we love, we will most likely end up with a lot of regrets instead of a lot of happy memories.

Stop Procrastinating
If getting a degree in procrastination was what I was trying to achieve in 2016, then by god I nailed it! I don't know why I think that it's remotely a good idea to leave things until I can be bothered because I never bloody can... I think habit has a lot to do with this and my mind and body enjoys taking the easy route but in the long run I'm not doing myself any favours. This year I plan to just simply force myself to do things and hopefully in a few months I won't find it as challenging. 

Work On Making My Lifestyle Healthier
Overall I think I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, that's not to say I don't have any bad habits because I do.... hello thai sweet chilli sensations, but I do try. Really I'd just like to up the amount of fruit in my diet and lessen the amount of crisps which is verging on obsessive. I've also set myself the goal to drink lots of water everyday because the benefits are endless as well as, stay off my phone once I get into bed. I can't be surprised I can't fall asleep when I've been staring at a phone for hours. Apart from this it's the normal get fit new year goals... like erm actually get my butt up to workout.

Force Myself To Adult
A few things I need to do and not do to achieve this:
✔ Try to stay tidy by keeping on top of house chores, such as washing.
✔ Accept the floordrobe is no more. I have a wardrobe that is much more beneficial.
✔ Stop forgetting passwords to important accounts.
✖  Don't ruin any more iPhones by dropping in the toilet or on ground. 
✖  Don't lock my self out of any more flats. I can't afford another maintenance call out fee.
✖  Don't get so white girl wasted that you loose your boyfriends car keys. (still don't want to take full responsibility for that one)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my ramblings! I wish you all the best for 2017! Do you have and New Year's resolutions for this year?

Friday, 6 January 2017

My Blogging Goals For 2017

In mid 2016 Debeau was born and in all honesty, I think it's taken me until the very end of the year to feel like I'm really getting the hang of it and the consistency it requires. There's just so much to learn and trying to teach yourself is a very time consuming thing, luckily I'm so interested in learning these things it does not feel boring or tedious. The blogging world is so saturated now it can be very hard to get noticed but the truth is, I'm not doing this for anybody else but me and hope this feeling of freedom on my blog never disappears like popular bloggers experience. This year I intend to put a whole load of effort and time into my blog to see where it can take me, here are my blogging goals for the new year...

There's no wrong or right
Lifestyle blogging has become so samey over the past few years, I feel like I have literally watched it turn from amateur ramblings to glossy editorial styled publications, which seriously isn't a bad thing. Every industry needs progression and I love how blogging is a serious profession now, which means their platforms need to be professional, it's just now it feels like theres a much bigger expectations. For example, when I first started the thought of anyone stumbling across my blog before the layout was what I deemed 'good enough' was so embarrasing and I kept waiting and waiting for it to be good enough but that day didn't come until I made a conscious decision to accept that unless I pay a lot for a website design I am never going to have a blog like the professionals. Now I think its really important for new bloggers to remember there isn't a blogging bible that says things like its illegal to not use a marble background for flatlays (although it does look really pretty) and I really want get creative with my content and find my own style. Also there's also no rule about how long a blog post should be, I just write what feels natural. Essentially I want to remember to go at my own pace and not compare my blog to others because you can't compare your beginning to someone else's middle!

Get that camera, girl
This year I can't wait to focus more on improving my photography skills. I'm planning on contacting a local photographer/ friend to give a little lesson, after reading as much as I can online. I hope to eventually be able to buy DSLR camera but I know this isn't necessary and I'm quite happy with my Sony a5000 at the moment. Having better photo quality will be so beneficial for my blog and Instagram to increase my following.

Did someone say community spirit?
One thing I know I haven't done as much as I should of in my first year of blogging is getting involved in the blogging community. I spend so much time on my phone just scrolling, I know I could be using this time on my phone more usefully so in 2017 I really want to be more ineractive with blogging community and make friends with those I have things in common with. 

That layout though
You know when you have a perfect image in your head but you don't know how to make it reality? Well that is me with my website... I know how I want it to work and look but I'm no graphic or website designer so I hope in 2017 I find a way to perfect and professionalise my layout.

Be a do-er not just a dreamer
I've always been a massive dreamer, I love to think that anything is possible and there are no limits but I haven't always been a great do-er. I tend to go through stages of being really productive and motivated then its just drops off and I struggle to get going and I think this has shown in the consistency of my blog. I'm currently working on creating a posting schedule so I can keep up with my ideas and aspirations and find a routine that works for me! I know if I can do this I will create a much better life habit to get things done.

Have you got any blogging goals for the new year?

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Style In The City | A* Comfy Casual OOTD

Exploring Brussels was amazing! On this day the weather wasn't too cold so I could get away without wearing a big coat and scarf but my A* beanie kept me warm! Such great memories from gallivanting around in this outfit. I will say however, deciding to wear brand new boots to explore a new city was not the best idea, next time take trainers. I am in love with these sock boots though.  Check out my Christmas Market Magic post to see what I got up too in Brussels -xo


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How To Get Your Goals In Check For 2017.

Hello and Happy New Year! Welcome to my first post of 2016.

New Year's celebrations mean copious amounts of prosecco, fireworks and GOALS (aka New Year Resolutions) We all make them, change them and hopefully achieve them. I say hopefully because let’s face it we’re creatures of habit and it’s a lot easier to say you’ll do something than actually doing it!

A new year equals 365 opportunities to make better choices everyday, so that this time next year you can look back at everything you’ve achieved and see how far you’ve come. In the effort to not become a cliché overly-optimistic ramble about turning your life into the dream world you’ve always imagined, I want to stress that not every days turns out the way we want it to, things don’t always go to plan and it's important to be able to adapt but as long as you still want to do something, take each new day as a blessing to put towards enjoying life and making it the best it can be!
You’ve made your resolutions right? Here’s my best tips and thoughts on how to get that sh*t done!

Clear Your Mind
If you're after a fresh start, the best way to get motivation to give your goals 100% is to start with a clear mind. Resolve all your issues from the previous year and try to find closure to leave those problems in 2016, then you'll have a much clearer mind to figure out what you really want! The best ways I can suggest to do this in general are to face your issues head on and try to handle them with dignity... be straight up with people in your life and if someone has a negative effect on your life leave them behind. We all learn lessons differently but at some point we all realise you can not force people to change their actions or emotions and trying to is a complete waste of your own time... all we can do is support. The best ways I can recommend to clear your mind is take a long walk by yourself, talk to someone about your dreams and aspirations or try exercise like jogging or yoga to get that important 'me time'.

Be Realistic + Get A Plan Of Action
I'm a big believer in dreaming and believing you can achieve anything in this world, but saying you want to be a marine biologist in the Maldives and then doing nothing your whole life that enables that dream to come true means it simply NEVER will happen. In this life you have to take small steps that eventually lead you to success and thats why so many people give up, if it was easy everyone would do it! You need to be realistic about your new years goals whether they're personal goals, like to stop rushing everything or career goals, think about small ways to slowly change your lifestyle to achieve these things. Make these small steps to put together an action plan for the year and since they're smaller things they will be a lot easier to stick to.
Find Your Motivation
Now you've got your plan of action to work towards, the hardest part is to actually stick to what you've imagined which, as we all know can be a bit of a ball ache! I think deep down it all comes down to how much do you actually want something... if you wanted to achieve something so bad you would get the self-discipline to do it however, when we live such busy lives it's sometimes easier just to let things slip. The best advice I can give for this is to really focus on finding your own kind of motivation, what makes you want you want to get up on a cold rainy night to workout or stay away from takeaways even though it's been a long day and you can't be bothered to cook? If you want something, you are the only one who can do it! Overall just remember to be happy while you're working on yourself because happiness isn't a destination and neither is life, it's all about those years we spend grafting that ultimately is our life.

I'd love to know what your goals are for 2017 and what inspires you? Happy New Year -xo

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