Friday, 4 November 2016

Morphe 35O Nature Glow Palette Quick Review/ Praise.

I'm so happy to be finally getting round to writing this as I've wanted this for sooo long! I have been on Cult Beauty waiting list for months for the Morphe 35O Nature Glow Palette, so as soon as I got an email saying it was finally back in stock I was straight on it! I remember seeing Jaclyn Hill talk about it on her channel probably a year ago now and have wanted it ever since, that was my first introduction to the brand Morphe and now I'm hooked, wanting to try their brushes and other palettes... in particular the 35F Fall Into Frost paletteBecause it's fall, orange/ burgundy eyes are in full swing but honestly I'm a warm toned hair and makeup kinda girl, no matter what the season. So, as you can imagine this palette is a dream. (Insert 1000 heart eyes emoji here!) After 2 weeks of use I have absolutely fallen in love with the quality of these eyeshadows, they are absolutely amazing for the price point. I can not stress enough how brilliant the colour pay off is for all these shadows, even the glitter pigment shades pack on the lid like a dream! It has a brilliant range of colours, every brown and orange tone you could wish for, in matte and shimmer formulas, as well as a few burgundy shades! You can create so many different warm toned eye shadow looks with this, so far I've only done one night time look with this and it went down a treat, with great compliments! 

Perfect palette and perfect price!

This palette has some great dupes for MAC's popular shadows All That Glitters, Amber Lights and Soft Brown. Check out the colours below... the shadows are all true to pan and there are no weak links that I will not use. The only complaint I have is I wish it had a full mirror as it would be perfect for on the go instead of having to carry a separate mirror or use a small compact.

If you've been wondering which Morphe Palette to go for because there's quite a few I hope this helps you make up your mind. I presume the quality of the shadows will be the same in all palette's so really you just need to decide which colours you will get the most use out of. 

Let me know if you buy it and it matches your expectations.. It definitely matched mine! xo


  1. This is an amazing palette! I have the matte version but I'm definitely planning on getting the shimmer one. Morphe impressed me with these shadows :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Such great quality aren't they! I use it absolutely every day now, I can't wait to try more :)


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