Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Best Ways To Unwind & Create A Night Time Routine

Recently, I've been really struggling to get to sleep... I can lie for hours restlessly tossing and turning trying to get my mind to relax and fall asleep. What I've come to realise is that without sleep I just can't function, I've never been one of those all nighter kind of people but as I get into my early 20's its only becoming harder (I am completely aware I sound like someone in their earlier 70s!) But seriously, I'd rather be in bed at 10pm if it means I can actually function the next day.  

Because of this I knew I had to make some changes in my night time routine if I was going to see a difference, starting with my biggest issue... 

 Take your make up off as soon as you're home.
My biggest downfall is not doing this, I wait and wait until the very end of the night where I'm usually lying half asleep on the sofa. Having to take my make up off and do my skincare routine always wakes me back and sometimes I just can't be bothered to do it properly so I miss steps.
Create a routine that works for you.
No two people’s lives are the same, so neither are their night time 'routines'. Some people have absolutely no routine because no two days are spent the same but the majority of the working population will use their night times to spend time with loved ones and just relax after a tiring day at work. We all have those nights where you wish every night was like it, it all goes smoothly and makes you feel the best. My main advice is to identify this night for you and you can then transfer those reasons into a real night time routine that works for you. This will make sure that you get everything done you need to by setting aside blocks of time you routinely do. Having a routine will really help your motivation, organisation and stress levels but its important to not be annoyed if your routine doesn't always go to plan. life needs a certain amount of spontaneity to!
Do something that makes you happy.
Whether it's binge watching a tv show, getting some exercise in, getting crafty or cooking  meals, you need to do something every day that makes you feel like you. Something that gives you that mini sense of accomplishment that doesn't relate to work. For me this is definitely blogging, it's the thing that gives me that buzz after I hit the publish button on another post. We all need that 'buzz' to keep going.
Set a relaxing atmosphere.
I find the best way to unwind is by making the room really warm and cosy with candles. Get into your nicest pyjamas and enjoy the time you have before bed. My favourite pjs at the moment are Boohoo's Satin Set Pjs because they are so comfortable and affordable!
Prepare for the next day. 
Something my grandma has always told me is that if you have a lot in your mind write it all down and you'll be able to sleep better. This isn't alone going to solve someone’s problems but it definitely does help you feel like you're on top of things. I'm a huge fan of lists, I write multiple lists a day just to help me through the day or else I get nothing done. I like to have To-Do lists so I can prioritise what needs done now and I tend to write these in my diary to plan ahead. I also take it to the extreme of little lists of the tasks I have to do broken down... yep a legit list lover. Now I'm going to always try to do a concise list while relaxing of what I need to do the next day so I feel prepared as nothing delays my productivity more than wasting time in the morning figuring out what I need to do that day.
Stay off your phone/ laptop once in bed.
Possibly the worst thing you can do for your sleep pattern is stay on your phone right up until the moment you decide to go to sleep. Technology keeps our minds awake so if you stay on your phone or laptop until you try to sleep it’s going to take a while for you mind to actually relax. I don't even think we realise we do this but now, more now than ever I'm noticing I just can't seem to lie down without feeling like I should be filling in my time on my phone. It's like a false sense of productivity... your mind feels like its doing something really time worthy and beneficial but in actual fact all your doing is scrolling Instagram or Twitter.  I'm in deep with this habit now and can't seem to actually just do nothing
Try a sleep spray.
Sleep sprays are a great thing to try if you're struggling to sleep. I recommend trying this works deep sleep pillow spray but any lavender scent spray should do the trick. I don't know how or why it works but it does! Just don't spray too much because it can be overwhelming. 

So, there we have it, my best tips on how to unwind, get better sleep and create a night time routine for you! If you already do these things then you must get the best nights sleep and I am so jealous. You've definitely got your night time routine shiz together. Leave your best tips for how you unwind in the comments! -xo

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  1. Lovely post! So true about being on phones etc in bed, I always have this feeling like I 'need' to check it but I really don't and need to just stick to my book.Also I love your pjs and wish I looked anywhere near that glam in the evening! :) x


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