Friday, 23 September 2016

Ultra Pro Glow Palette First Impressions/ Review | Make Up Revolution

Yesterday I, very luckily, picked up the last Ultra Pro Glow Palette in the local Superdurg store. For only £10, I'm not surprised in the slightest it's flying of the shelves as the highlighting/ strobeing trend seems to be going nowhere fast! The last time I purchased a Make Up Revolution product was the Ultra Contour Palette which I reviewed highly, so I have very high hopes for this palette.

At first look, I am very pleased with the appearance/ packaging. I like the basic look of this palette, it isn't trying to hide anything with fancy packaging and they have filled the space with product rather than thick borders/dividers however, it does not feel cheap! This palette is slightly larger than the Contour Palette which I would not have guessed, as this is purely for highlight shades. Nevertheless, it works and the colours look beautiful. 

As you can see from the swatches by TamBeauty (the creators of Make Up Revolution)  this palette has some absolutely stunning highlight shades, even a blush and bronze shades. A colour for any make up look!  My favourite so far is the top, second from the right, a subtle warm gold that gives a lovely glow. 
In terms of consistency the powders are buttery and smooth and have blended really well upon application. I used the Real Techniques Setting brush or Contour brush to lightly dust on the high points of my face, with a very gentle hand. For me, the colour pay off is perfect, as I like a more subtle highlight during the day but they are build able for a more intense highlight.

I like this size palette for travelling as it's light enough to go in a make up bag and gives lots of options. I'm all about options!! Luckily, with my skin tone I can make use of all of these shades as when I have fake tan on (which is often) I can use the darker shades and vice versa but keep in mind if you can only use select shades it might my pointless buying such a big palette. 

Overall I am very happy with this palette and have a feeling it may make it into my every day make up collection along side it's contour palette. Well done MUR!


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