Sunday, 7 August 2016

Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise | The Huntress + Amber Moon Duo | Charlotte Tilbury

Lately I've been trying to be more varied in my approach to 'going out' makeup. I feel like I'd been stuck in a routine for so long- because it was easy and I knew I could execute it quickly- that is a ombre bronzy shadow with cat eye created by an eyeliner pen. Since discovering the duo that is Charlotte Tilbury's Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise, I have fallen in love with a more natural approach to a smokey eye. Although I'll admit that doesn't mean I've really gone out of my safety zone of brown, neautral or cranberry eyes.. but I have realised that not every occasion calls for a fierce winged liner and you can achieve more of a smokey effect without it. What I love so much about this duo is it makes it very easy to achieve a quick but dramatic smokey eye and  both products are of very high quality, pigment and different to anything else I own. 
The set I purchased includes 'The Huntress' Eyeshadow & a mini 'Rock & Kohl' Eye Pencil in Amber Moon but there are 3 other colour combinations to choose from. The legend Charlotte Tilbury explains on her website that the eyeshadow was created from the concept of 'the hypnotic gaze of wild cats in the night and the way cat eyes emit light outwards' which sounds very dramatic but rather accurate in the way the shadow has an iridescent feel, giving your eyelids depth and dimension without looking sparkly or messy. It manages to achieve luminosity and a metallic finish, in a dark brown shade that I have never seen before. The one negative I will say is there is absolutely no point to the little mirror in the eyeshadow compact, there is no way I could rely on that to even touch up my makeup but do you get a good amount of product for the price.
I recommend applying the shadow on to a base colour because if not the transition from brush to lid could look softer/ sheerer at first. The good thing is this makes it very build able and easy to control. After applying the shadow all over my lid (with a transition matt brown shadow in the crease) I do a messy line of eyeliner along my lash line for definition and I bring in onto my lower lash line as well. I blend all of this out with a smudger brush so there are no sharp lines, then you're ready to go with mascara or add fake eyelashes for a more dramatic look. This eyeliner has the smoothest application I have ever known which makes me crave more colours. Hopefully in the future Tilbury will release an eyeshadow palette with the same formula as these, I would definitely snatch that up! 

What's your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product?

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