Friday, 29 July 2016

Ultra Contour Palette Review | Make Up Revolution

During the working week, rising at 6.30 to do my make up every morning, before heading to my internship, is not my ideal situation. With itchy tired eyes, dark circles and lack-luster skin, I’m lucky if I use more than 4 products on my face (foundation, concealer, brow pencil & mascara)- I rarely venture into blush, bronzer or highlight, meaning I’m above the zombie look but fall short of that 'healthy, glowy' look all because of a major case of cba. Luckily, that’s all changed and its all thanks to this product coming into my life, at only £8! Today I’m giving the Ultra Contour Palette by Make Up Revolution the praise/ review it deserves. I'm aware this palette is not new at all and wish I'd bought a long time ago! Here’s the reasons why I’ve been reaching for this palette over anything else every morning. 
For starters this packaging looks much more expensive than £8 and comes with a brilliant large mirror, which I use on those mornings I get back into bed to do my make up (comment if you do this too or am I the only one?!) It's a great size overall, big but thin and light, making it easy to travel with. The Ultra Contour Palette has 8 powders for contouring and sculpting the face, 2 of which are baked highlighters. The  main reason I love this so much is everything I need is in one palette so I don't have to search for separate products in my drawer, making it a lot quicker and less effort in the morning. My general routine with this palette now is to use the warm tone bronzer and bronzey highlight on my cheeks with the yellow toned powder, to set my under eye concealer and brighten the face. As you can see the palette has 8 powders perfect for contouring, bronzing, highlighting and setting the under eye concealer which are all really good quality- especially for £8 you really can't complain. I find they blend really well on my skin and last well through my 10 hour days, I was particularly impressed by the pigment of these shades so be careful with your brush- especially with that white highlight! Now, let's talk about the shades...

Starting with the first shade on the top left we have a light shade with peach undertones, which I haven’t really touched but think could work well as a subtle highlight or all over the face on very fair skin tones, as it is a matter finish. Next there is what I call the Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana Dupe as it is the perfect yellow shade to use to set the under eye area and I find it counteracts my dark circles better than the pink/peach tones. Moving along is another very light peachy shade with a satin finish which can give a lovely radiant glow to the skin and then an extremely white shimmery highlight with a hint of gold running through it. I find this a little bit too harsh of a highlight for my skin tone but I sometimes mix this with the one below to get a really glowy look. This one below is my perfect bronzy highlighter which gives a lovely sun kissed look to the cheeks. The next three bronzer shades feature two warm tones and a cool tone medium brown for contouring which all apply impressively smoothly.

So, there we have it, my breakdown of the shades in the Ultra Contour palette. As you can see, I only have good things to say about this palette an it's got me desperate to try more Make Up Revolution palettes and products. Overall I am just so impressed by this brand in general!Be sure to check out their brushes as well because they’re very good quality for their price! What do you think of Make Up Revolutions products? What should I try next?
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