Saturday, 26 March 2016

Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set Vol. 2

The 'Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set Vo. 2' is a set I have loved for quite some time now, so much it has me dreaming about Vol. 3, which is now available.  There are quite a few reasons why this set in particular is a favourite of mine and the fact that they are Rose Golden beauties, that look gorgeously luxurious presented in my room is only one of them! The price isn't too bad considering the quality you get is amazing! They are so soft and easy to use, blending products to a professional standard. Another thing I love is the fact that this set provides every brush you would need to do a full face of make up and the pouch they come with is perfect for keeping them safe while travelling. The set consists of 7 brushes; 3 for the face and 4 for the eyes. I tend to take this, with a few of my other brushes in it, when travelling. 

What you get...
104 Buffer Brush - This is a flat headed foundation brush that is super super dense! I honestly find this to be the nicest buffing brush to apply and blend my foundation, in fact it is the best I have ever owned. The bristles are soft and gentle on the skin- made of vegan friendly Taklon bristles, which are intended to pick up product without absorbing it and I can say this is true! I personally find this a little bit too dense/ heavy to use for the under eye area, so I am extra careful and tend not to build up foundation on this area with this brush, instead I will use a concealer to brighten up my dark circles. 
109 Luxe Face Paint Brush - A lovely brush for contouring, with is flat square head it allows precise definition with its natural and synthetic bristle mix. I find this to be the perfect density to get a natural looking contour, it it was any thicker I think it would be hard to blend.
126 Luxe Cheek Finish Brush - Also a natural and synthetic bristle mix brush, used to apply bronzer, blush and powder. It blends seamlessly and I find myself reaching for it because of the luxurious quality. My favourite use for it is to apply bronzer around the face to add warmth to my complexion, after contouring with the Face Paint brush.
226 Smudger Brush - Perfect for smoking out the under eye lash line. Possibly not the best smudger brush in the entire world but definitely a contender, as it does the job well. The short bristles are vegan synthetic bristles which is always a plus! 
228 Crease Brush - I think this is the best eye brush you get in this set. Made from natural Goat hair, its fluffy bristles are perfect for shading and deepening the crease and blending transition colours. The similarity to Mac 224 Tapered Blending brush is undeniable.
234 Luxe Smoky Shader Brush - This is a lovely brush for packing eyeshadow onto the lid. I love this brush because of its versatility, it can be used to concentrate product onto an area but is useful when creating a smoky eye look as it blending and shades beautifully. Made of natural Goat hair, it is quite dense but unbelievably soft. 
317 Wing Liner Brush - The brush I get the least use out of, only because I tend to prefer pen eyeliners over gel. However, the angle of this brush does make it easier to get a sharp flick with gel liner and/or shadow. It is small enough to create a thin line or thicker line on the lash line. This brush is made out of Vegan friendly Nylon bristles.
322 Brow Line Brush - I am a massive fan of this brow brush because of its size. Its short angled bristles allow very accurate small brush lines which is necessary as I naturally have quite thin brows. This is another made from Vegan friendly Taklon bristles

I highly recommend these brushes as a set for those 'treat yourself' days! You won't regret it.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

No. 1

Hello and welcome to my blog!
I am using this post to say a quick and warm Hey! My name is Ailsa Hymers, I am a 20 year old Fashion student from the North East of England, currently spending my time between London, Nottingham & Newcastle. I've been a huge fan of reading blogs for a very long time now and decided it was time to make my own.
This is my space to write about things that I love and recommend. I have a wide range of interests from my love of make up and fashion, to health and nutrition, to interior design. I also tend to travel a lot and hope to be travelling even more in the future, sharing my experiences here on 

To get to know me you can follow my social media platforms that are linked all over this blog. I am looking forward to getting to know loads of lovely people in the blogging community so please get in touch!
Thats all for now,
Ailsa xo
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